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Today’s general public is typically very well informed, especially when it comes to proper health. What today’s adults may not know is that it is never too late to realize a perfect and healthy smile for themselves. Adult orthodontic treatment is becoming more and more popular every day. Advances in technology now provide for more discriminate treatment and quicker results.

As we age, misalignment of the teeth is very common, even if you have had braces earlier in life. Oftentimes simple therapy is the answer to gaining or regaining a perfect and healthy smile. With fewer office visits, and the availability of aesthetic braces, there is no reason why every adult shouldn’t have the perfect smile.

Teeth provide the support structure for the soft tissue of the lower face, including lips, cheeks, and marionette lines. By repositioning the teeth and jaw, skin can appear tighter and lips can appear fuller. We can often times achieve greater facial aesthetics without surgery and or the extraction of teeth by creating a treatment plan utilizing low-friction appliances that can expand the jaw and reposition teeth and gums.